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Imbolc Blessings

Imbolc translates as "in the belly" deep in the belly of the Earth. I feel like I've been held there tonight.

I've just been at a beautiful Imbolc Womens Circle in the yurt held by the incredible Stef from Oak & Wildflower. She share more about Imbolc with us, with stories of the goddess Bride/St Bridget, this mother earth figure, who brings in the Spring. Stef taught us about wild medicine and we drank rosemary tea and ate foraged baked goodies. I made my first Bride Cross too and was pretty pleased with the way it turned out! They are a symbol of protection for the coming year and then when you make your new one the following year, you throw the old one on the fire to make space for what is to come!

This thought really resonated with me as I see this time of year as the real new year. Coming out of winters rest, the signs of spring and time to have a clear out and set new intentions for the year to come. I feel ready for that now, with the light returning and energy lifting.

In winter we naturally withdraw and reflect on the year past, its time to rest and be still and maybe think about the coming year. Nature is resting too. It how it is meant to be. So as each day starts to bring a fresh sign of the coming spring I'm a little more inclined to take action on those thoughts and emerge from my winter coccoon. Much more so than the 1st of January!

So I'm sharing this Yoga Nidra with you on here. Let it invite your intention in and find space to make it happen. I've been working with it this week and shared it tonight at the circle.

the recording is from there, brought to you from the belly of the yurt. Enjoy

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