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Yoga is about connection, with yourself, with others. It’s about letting go of stuff you don’t need and marvelling in what wonderful individuals we all are..

"Everything you really need to know is in your own heart"


Judith Hanson Lasater



The Studio

I started The Yoga Social in 2017 with the aim of creating warm friendly yoga classes in my local community.


I wanted a space that everyone would feel welcome and focussed on small class sizes in order to offer a more tailored approach to my teaching.

During this time its been amazing how we have adapted to classes on-line, keeping that sense of community and connection and continued to grow and share our practise and space together.

The philosphy at The Yoga Social is that anyone and any-body can do yoga no matter what age, size, race, gender, or bendiness you are and we believe that yoga is a life skill that everyone should have access to. 

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Lisa Mulube

I've practiced Yoga for over 20 years and found it hugely beneficial in my everyday life. Previously working in a highly stressful career I found Yoga to be my sanctuary. I started my teacher training in 2016 and haven't looked back and now teach full time. 

I'm a qualified Yoga & Meditation Teacher, my practice is rooted in Hatha Yoga and I am also trained in Yin & Restorative and Kids & Family Yoga,

I bring all of these learnings toghether to craft classes for all levels and all bodies!

Sharing the benefits of yoga is something I feel passionate about and as well as my weekly classes I offer individual and group private sessions and also work with local community groups

I am a registered teacher with Yoga Alliance Professionals and Yoga Alliance International


Class Descriptions

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This is a Hatha based Chair yoga practise. Breathwork, gentle chair-based movement and relaxation.

We work on core strength, flexibility and techniques to calm the mind and support the body. This practise is suitable for all. Especially good if you find getting up and down from the floor a bit tricky.

But don’t think its going to be easy, we can still work really strongly from the chair and improve our posture, core and overall health!


I incorporate a little mediation into all my yoga classes.

It is important to connect with ourselves on a deeper level to achieve a sense of self, perspective and groundedness in our ever challenging daily lives.


In our weekly and monthly meditation sessions, we work on pranayama (breathwork) and different meditation techniques to bring a little bit of stillness and calm into our busy lives, sorting out some of that mind chatter and finding a little clarity


For those that want to develop their own daily meditation practice and discover more about the techniques and benefits of meditation, I offer Meditation Workshops. 


121 & Live  Classes

Due to the ongoing pandemic and also halls and public spaces unavailable, I can offer only a limited number of in-studio classes at the moment.

I have a regular class at The Space Upstairs in Burntisland on Monday mornings at 10.30am. This is also zoomed at the same time. Spaces are limited so booking in advance required.


I can offer 121 classes or private group sessions for individual households. This can be booked by appointment. For more details on this check out my 121 section. 


Hatha Yoga is the root of many branches of yoga. This is a classic practise, combining pranayama (breathwork), asana (postures) and savasana (relaxation).

Classes vary every week focusing on different themes, areas of the body, combining held postures and flowing sequences.

This practise brings greater body and breath awareness and creates a feeling of calm and wellbeing.

We offer Classic Hatha, Early Morning flow and also Gentle Hatha sessions for those wanting a more relaxing floor based practise


Yin Yoga is a deeper, slower, supported practice, working with key elements of the body to bring about a union of body and mind. Themes follow the seasons and work with key areas of the body for that season.

This practise is mainly floor based, poses are held for 3-5 minutes supported with props. We work mindfully with the body and finish with a deep relaxation.

Yin Yoga is recommended for people with some yoga experience already.


These yoga nap sessions as we affectionately call them are super relaxing and a great way to end a busy stressful day.

We start with some gentle movement and breath work before coming into savasana/relaxation pose. Here you are then guided through a relaxed meditation. This takes you to a state of deep relaxation; the sensation just before sleep, allowing the body and mind to reset, rest and restore.

"Maybe you are searching among the branches, for what only appears in the roots"





Yoga Mat and Straps
Yoga by the Sea


I first attended classes with Lisa back in November, my first experience of yoga, I was apprehensive as I struggle with depression. I was made very welcome and Lisa is fab!!, so much so I have continued to attend Monday evening classes, so give it a try.

Woman in Lotus Pose


I love Lisa’s way of teaching, she has such a gentle way of delivering her instruction whilst being very clear and concise. She very much advocates yoga for all. I’m so delighted to have found a great teacher, close enough to home with a good selection of classes and times.

Yoga Pose


Lisa is the best yoga teacher I’ve ever had. 5* across the board. As someone who was new to the world of yoga, I was worried I wouldn’t know all the terminology and that I’d struggle. Lisa gives all her class expert care & attention and her explanations are so clear; I was surprised I could keep my eyes shut during the full session. Yoga has improved my flexibility, and the meditation is something I’m investing more time in. There’s no better yoga teacher. Book now. You won’t regret it...

Rocks of Balance


Lisa is an amazing instructor! When I came to her class for the first time I was completely new to yoga yet I felt welcomed and at ease from the very beginning. Lisa always encourages us to find what feels good by providing a careful guidance throughout, there is no rushing or forcing into postures. After the classes I always feel peaceful and relaxed, plus the breathing techniques I have learnt are really helpful in everyday life. I cannot recommend Yoga Social highly enough!

Sunset Yoga


Just took part in my first remote yoga session that Lisa has so wonderfully (and quickly) adapted during this unprecedented time - it was fantastic!! I go to her class at the Church which has an amazing vibe and the remote class still retained this - so comfortable and natural and absolutely did the trick. Hugely recommend for anyone who needs some relaxation at the moment 🙌🏼

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