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Yurt Update

Here is the yurt looking all cosy and christmassy. It is also very relieved!

I had some fantastic news last Wednesday and the planning permission for the yurt and our community has been approved! This past year has been a bit of a rollercoaster to say the least.

Huge thanks to all of you for your support and encouragement, and also to my local Councillor Brian Goodall for his support and advice when I was feeling quite hopeless with the complexity of the planning process. My gratitiude also to the members of the planning committee, notably Councillors Barratt, Verracchia, Backhouse & Glen who clearly saw the merits of what we are creating and are keen to support the wellbeing of folk in West Fife. There are still a few legal things I need to do to complete the process but hopefully Broomhall will continue to be supportive and we can get those sorted swiftly.

During this process I have had much to reflect on and have shared with some of you the story of Ganesha, the Hindu God of Wisdom and him being known as the remover of obstacles, but at the same time being the figure that puts the obstacles in the way! He does this to encourage us to grow, reflect and appreciate what we have and the journey we are on.

Your continued support and encouragement has been a huge source of strength through this process and through my own yoga & meditation practise I have found much inner strength, insight and wisdom into how I want to show up in the world and what I need to do to continue on this path and support this blossoming community.

I also received the official certificate in November for my Yoga Therapy diploma after submitting my final case studies in October. Two years of intense study, writing, dissertation, final case studies and my own yoga therapy and practise.  So much work, but so worth it.

I’ve seen though my own experience of yoga therapy and the clients I have been working with the power it contains to support healing, growth and change. It is an incredible healing modality and one that I will be sharing more of in the New Year.

I don’t think I would have handle the stress of the past year without it!

So onwards and upwards!

I’m going to let the dust settle over the Christmas period and tune into this season of rest, but watch out for a few new shoots popping up. I’ve got a some exciting plans up my sleeves….

With much love & kindness

Lisa xx

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